Manhood - The First of Four Pillars

Before all else, we must be men...8/80


Sneak peak of the some of the Armoury knits we will be putting up and in our stores soon.


Since I won the last Friday Challenge on Styleforum I’m hosting this weeks challenge. Since last weeks theme was “No Blues”, I decided to go for an "All Blues" challenge this week.

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Tuesday is still Blue!


Tuesday is still Blue!

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An August Friday In Boston.

The waning weeks of seersucker.

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Corneliani AW 2014 Lookbook




Luciano Barbera SS15 Pitti Uomo 86 

Last photo, Luciano Barbera himself (source).



Christian Kimber

So I just got home from Florence after a few days at the wonderful fair Pitti Uomo. I met a lot of fantastic people at the fair and one of these guys were Christian Kimber.

Christian Kimber is born and raised in England, East Sussex. At his time in London he was educated in tailoring at the venerable Savile Row and after this quest he moved to Melbourne, Australia and founded his own brand named Christian Kimber Fine Footwear. 

I have not had the opportunity yet to try Christian’s footwear but I’m very found of his pocket squares. His pocket squares are made in Cheshire, England and have the all the details you need, a wool silk mix, hand-rolled edges and the perfect sizing at 45x45 cm that means that the pocket squares won’t fall out. 

It was a pleasure to finally meet Christian Kimber in person and he’s on to something big here. Ladies and gentlemen we have a new artist in the menswear community. 

Credits to Four Pins for the photo on Christian.

The Finest Squares.


Killin em Pic courtesy of elisoul01