Manhood - The First of Four Pillars

Before all else, we must be men...8/80




Luciano Barbera SS15 Pitti Uomo 86 

Last photo, Luciano Barbera himself (source).



Christian Kimber

So I just got home from Florence after a few days at the wonderful fair Pitti Uomo. I met a lot of fantastic people at the fair and one of these guys were Christian Kimber.

Christian Kimber is born and raised in England, East Sussex. At his time in London he was educated in tailoring at the venerable Savile Row and after this quest he moved to Melbourne, Australia and founded his own brand named Christian Kimber Fine Footwear. 

I have not had the opportunity yet to try Christian’s footwear but I’m very found of his pocket squares. His pocket squares are made in Cheshire, England and have the all the details you need, a wool silk mix, hand-rolled edges and the perfect sizing at 45x45 cm that means that the pocket squares won’t fall out. 

It was a pleasure to finally meet Christian Kimber in person and he’s on to something big here. Ladies and gentlemen we have a new artist in the menswear community. 

Credits to Four Pins for the photo on Christian.

The Finest Squares.


Killin em Pic courtesy of elisoul01


Midnight blue tuxedo @ Zaremba Bespoke Warsaw


A striped suit and a paisley tie are a winner combo„,try it¡ / Un traje de rayas y una corbata paisley es una combinación perfecta„,pruebalo¡¡


Our new collection featuring a new carnation lapel pin in 2 colourways is now available! 

Bigger and bolder than our signature Vanda orchid lapel pins, we are now offering these classics after repeatedly receiving requests to offer an alternative design to our Vanda orchid pins in a larger size. These measure in at just over 1”, compared to the 5/8”-3/4” Vanda orchid pins.

While you’re checking the new carnation pins out, do not forget to take a look at our new neckties and pocket square offerings!


Eidos Napoli @ Pitti Uomo 86.


shield ties are always a win.


shield ties are always a win.


WIW khaki suit Ralph Lauren, MTM lilac stripe shirt with contrasting collar Emanuel Berg fitted by Lowet Tailors, knit tie and pocket-square Paul Stuart, boutonnière hook + ALBERT

(via iwishtocontinue)



Exclusive Patina by Alexander Nurulaeff - Dandy Shoe Care. A spectacular fusion of all shades and hues of the Ocean. Pezzo Unico for Mr.R.

For J.FitzPatrick & Alexander Nurulaeff Project.

You to can have the Shoes created for you personally!

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